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Five reasons to move to the cloud with Azure

Today’s IT leaders need to deliver an entirely different set of outcomes to those from only 5-10 years ago. Where IT teams were once called upon to reliably manage and maintain an organisation’s infrastructure, their remit has changed completely. In 2020, IT leaders need the ability to:

  • build and deploy new applications
  • deliver new services and experiences
  • keep data secure from sophisticated attacks
  • find every efficiency in IT spending

The only way to achieve these outcomes is to begin moving their applications and workloads to public cloud environments, but many tech leaders still have misgivings about this approach. With Microsoft Azure, organisations now have a secure and reliable option for cloud migration, so we’ve put together the five key reasons you should consider a move to the Azure Cloud with Inverto.

1. Best-in-class cloud security

MFA, everybody is doing it and so should you. If you aren’t aware of what MFA is all about then it is simply another step in the process for authentication. Typically entering your username and password and then being prompted by a code off your phone or some other method. Given that it is quite easy to implement on a small scale, this is one that you should go ahead with as compromising resources through identity is one of the most common methods of attack. Also, make sure this is enforced rather than just enabled so you can ensure that those critical accounts are protected. Personally, I prefer to use an app rather than SMS to protect against SIM jacking.

2. Day one integration

One of the biggest challenges of any digital innovation is the ability to integrate the various components of applications, operating systems, and hardware. This is where an Azure cloud solution provides a distinct advantage for organisations who are already using a Microsoft environment.

If your business is an enterprise user of Microsoft technologies, you can create a hybrid cloud environment by utilising your on-premise servers along with Azure cloud. If you already use Office 365 and Outlook, Azure has a similar interface to the apps you’re familiar with, which makes both the transition and adoption easier.

3. Simplified automation

According to Gartner’s predictions, from 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation. Much of this stems from the automation capabilities that public cloud offers, with the ability to automate workload migrations and data management tasks that would typically bog an IT team down.

With Azure Cloud,  you don’t need to have a team to handle day to day tasks like system updates and back-ups. Automation takes care of these intricate tasks, while allowing you to reduce errors and boost efficiency – in turn allowing you to again lower your operational costs.

4. Reduced costs

To achieve the agility that today’s public cloud offers, the average enterprise would need massive capital outlays for on-premise infrastructure that they may or may not use. Thankfully, the cloud allows them to easily manage and pay for only the storage and compute resources they need, without having to continuously pay for underutilised resources.

Another benefit of a cloud platform such as Azure is eliminating the ongoing expense of running on-site data centres, with added costs such as employing staff and buying land, buildings, and hardware. And 70% of companies Microsoft surveyed have reported they reinvest their cloud cost-savings back into their business.

5. Speed and agility

The pace of digital business increases every year. To stay relevant, every organisation needs the ability to quickly pivot their business to capture new opportunities while also lowering their risk profile.

As an example, many businesses in 2020 have had to adopt remote work environments for their workforce, while having to quickly transition their traditional retail channels into e-commerce. Rather than provisioning infrastructure over a period of months and years, Azure Cloud enables them to achieve these outcomes in hours.

No matter the outcomes you need to achieve with Azure Cloud, Inverto’s team of certified Azure experts have skills across design, implementation, and management services to ensure your cloud program is a success. By working with a trusted Microsoft partner, you can feel secure in knowing that you are taken care of with our best practice approach. Get in touch with us today to discuss the Azure possibilities for your business.

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