Q&A Spotlight with Vanntha Ros

Vanntha Ros is our Director of Growth and plays a key role in ensuring customer success. Utilising his years of experience in technical, sales and leadership positions, Vanntha pulls the strings together to ensure that your business goals are met at the pace you require.

Q1: Tell us about your role at Inverto?

I’m the Director of Growth and my sole purpose is to help you meet your business requirements and stay with you every step of the way to success. Removing the technical jargon from the conversation to ensure a mutual understanding of goals.

Q2: What inspired you to pursue a career in tech?

As a child of the 80s, I was very fortunate to see the birth of extremely exciting technologies such as Home PCs, CDs, Mobile Phones, Windows, Gaming Consoles just to name a few.  I’ve always been fascinated by technology and how it’s been able to unite and connect people together.

I loved going to computer swap meets to dream of the perfect PC build (knowing I could never afford it) while rocking out to a Walkman, then upgrading to a portable CD player (enduring all those skip tracks) then to MiniDisc to eventually an MP3 Player. What can I say, I was a Kool 80s/90s kid? 

After completing my Bachelor of Business E-Commerce/Information Technology & Bachelor of Arts Multimedia and Communication it was only natural that I would pursue the IT field. 15 years later, witnessing the ever-changing technologies and marketplace, I still wake up every morning passionate and driven on how technology has influenced our businesses and personal lives.

I genuinely love tech and believe we can help any business with clear and honest IT Strategy.

Q3: What do you feel sets Inverto apart from other players in the industry?

#1 – Our Customer-centric approach. Our focus is to deliver a solution that is aligned with our customers’ business goals. We believe   that listening, educating and collaborating with our customers is the key to success.

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy

#2 – Charity program. I wanted to highlight something that we are extremely proud of. When starting Inverto, we wanted to incorporate a charity program and give back to the community. We had seen many other IT companies who had given back, which was great but never saw one that had it as part of the sales process. As part of our Charity Program, we will donate 5% of the professional services total to the charity of your choosing. We also invite our partners to get involved at events with Inverto.

Q4: What do you see as the next big thing in tech?

#1 – A.I / Machine Learning / Deep Learning – sometimes I like to refer to it as Skynet, if you’re familiar with the James Cameron directed film Terminator. I won’t get into what the differences are between these technologies, but I can say that I’m extremely excited by them. I believe machines and data will play a significant role in the future of software and technology and our interaction with them.

Who isn’t enthusiastic about Software that can program itself? 

#2 – 5G. This year’s Buzzword in the mobile space. Unless you have been living under rock, you know 5G is coming and coming hard and fast (no pun intended). 5G will offer significantly faster speeds and more reliable connection to mobile devices than today’s 4G and although this is definitely welcomed, 5G is more than that. 5G has the capacity to carry more data faster and in doing so will enable innovations as well as greater application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology for a smarter and better-connected world.

Q5: What excites you most about your daily role?

THE PEOPLE.  Nothing excites me more than meeting with people. Listening to how they are utilising technology within their business, what they are happy with, what they are not happy with but most importantly what their vision is and how they can use technology as an enabler for their business.

Q6: What are the most common challenges facing your customers today?

#1 – IT Optimisation. More often than not I meet business owners who don’t implement or follow technology advancement. I understand that these advancements can be quite difficult to understand and very time consuming to follow but it is important to choose the right solutions as technology can provide efficiencies, or better yet, automation within a business process or function. Often, I find that businesses have already invested in a solution or tool, but poor utilisation, implementation or governance has not delivered an effective outcome.

#2 – Data Protection vs. Data Privacy. It’s quite common for a business owner to put Data Protection and Data Privacy in one basket. In fact, Data Privacy cannot exist without Data Protection. In simple terms Data Protection is more the process of safeguarding your data from unauthorised access, corruption, compromise or loss whereas Data Privacy or information privacy is focused on how data is collected, shared and used. or loss whereas Data Privacy or information privacy is focused on how data is collected, shared and used.

You’ve heard the saying that “Data is King” or your “Data is your biggest asset” therefore it is extremely important to have clear policies and processes in place on how to handle data, how to share data and how we can protect data.

Q7: How do you like to spend your downtime?

I’m a family man, so you usually find me with the kids. Outside of that I’m a huge film buff, love sports, cars and obsessed with history.

Q8: What would you do if you weren’t working in IT?

Be the first Cambodian to ever play in the NBA, industrial design or film production.

Written By

Vanntha Ros

Director of Growth

[email protected]