Q&A Spotlight with Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes is our Principle Consultant and plays a key role in ensuring the right tech strategies drive customer success. With expertise in cloud solution architecture and project management, Mark has the vision to drive innovation and see your ideas come to life.

Q1: Tell us about your role at Inverto?

My primary role at Inverto is quite simple. Match the customers business requirements to technology that enables them to reach their goals. Quite cliched these days but that it what I pride myself in doing quite well. You will see me very early on in the engagement as we discover requirements and roadmap the next 6, 12, 36 months. From there, I will be with the customer every step of the way in reaching those goals. I focus more on building cloud-based solutions and strategies for our customers that are looking at infrastructure transformation and security.

Q2: What inspired you to pursue a career in tech?

Having a fascination with how everything works from a young age is likely where it all started. I used to pull my parents electronics apart such as record players and Walkman’s trying to discover how it worked. Then being introduced to the PC in the 90’s really inspired me to learn more. Windows 95 for the win!

Q3: What do you feel sets Inverto apart from other players in the industry?

Although we aren’t the only ones doing it, I feel that nobody does infrastructure and digital transformation better than we do. There is so much to consider when taking services from point A to point B and rearchitecting goes beyond the technical requirements. The other guys in the team are incredibly talented at what they do, so the collaboration with them and the customer always results in success. The charity program is also something that stands out to me as it is baked into the business plan and every project completed results in a donation. That is done out of the awareness of the need to give back and we don’t see anyone else doing it in the same way. We can only encourage others to consider doing the same thing.

Q4: What do you see as the next big thing in tech?

The next big things are going to be evolutions of what is already here. AI\ML technologies are going to be used more often as they continually find new use cases for the tech and become more powerful as they are fed more data. Further integration with automation and 5G services will lead to some amazing innovation in the next few years.

Although not quite as sexy, I’m excited to see what comes of decentralised identities that are built on public blockchains. This could play a key part in how our information is used and the security for associated applications using decentralised identities moving forward.

Q5: What excites you most about your daily role?

Tough question. The most exciting thing about the role is being able to educate our customers on technology innovations and seeing that progression move forward. It can result sometimes with a pivot in IT strategy as a new solution may be a better fit but that’s the fun part. The journey is the best part about the job

Q6: What are the most common challenges facing your customers today?

I think the proliferation of cloud services, iot and mobile devices have created so much good but are keeping us busy in security. Although a very broad topic, our customers are understanding that gone are the days of a firewall and some AV. Data breach notification laws are forcing businesses to take ownership of their security and for some, its difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we have developed a strategic approach that makes it very easy for both us and the customer, to get a handle on it.

Q7: How do you like to spend your downtime?

I work for Vanntha Ros. I have no downtime 😉

Q8: What would you do if you weren’t working in IT?

I’ve been interested in sports nutrition since a younger age. I find fascinating how particular foods and supplements result in different outcomes for an athlete. It gets a bit nerdy but I guess that’s just me…

Written By

Mark Hughes

Principle Consultant

[email protected]