Inverto are excited to announce a strategic partnership with BlazeGuard to ensure that Inverto security deployments are verified by an independent, third party security firm at no extra cost to the customer.
In today’s world, we often hear stories about data breaches caused by misconfigurations or basic errors that could have easily been avoided. While our qualified engineers deploy to best practice, nothing beats having an independent third party performing a quality check to help mitigate risk. We understand that customers have a growing concern about the security of their data and this is step towards ensuring those concerns are addressed from day 1.

What this means?

From today onwards, all Inverto firewall and Secure SDWAN deployments will receive a BlazeGuard security verification. Once agreed to by the customer, the verification will take place after the deployment has been commissioned by Inverto and a report will be presented with the findings. Should any findings discover a requirement for reconfiguration then that will be performed with no additional fees incurred.

About BlazeGuard

BlazeGuard are one of the leading security consultancy firms in the country having worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations and government departments. Providing services such as penetration testing, security implementations along with Governance, Risk and Compliance make them the obvious choice for this partnership. Their specialty is custom-made security solutions tailored to how you work, sell, and grow, and they pride themselves on the ability to execute with absolute precision and without vendor prejudice – a rare practise within the industry.

Moving forward

This is only the start of our collaboration to ensure that security is deployed to the highest standard as both companies continue to drive innovation and added value.

Written By

Vanntha Ros

Director of Growth

[email protected]